Friday, April 9, 2010

Gamble for your bowls!

If you eat out, you're surely to come across some bad food experiences at some point. Would you rather...

A. Eat cooked rotten food with accompanying buzzing flies


B. Eat raw defrosted-previously-frozen seafood lukewarm bland pasta

These situations happened separately, and luckily we didn't get sick. The ensuing discussion is which we'd rather, B said option A and I said option B (because you can't smell it).

A friend insists on C, going hungry. What would you do?


Rach said...

Yuck! Definitely B, though. At least you have a chance of not eating rotten food?? More like roulette, whereas the cooked, rotten food is definitely rotten.

Bleh and i was eating dinner too. Thanks guys

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