Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Bryant is one of the strangest and most amusing monkeys I've ever met. He makes a good pet until he makes a mess, whereupon he points it out, screeches loudly, pounds his chest, demands food, and runs off. On a more serious note, I've come to know the Jamba-guzzling, ESPN-watching, spider-fearing, Kobe-loving, computer-gaming, internet-browsing, animal-petting, eternal-snacking, banana-smacking Bryant over the years. He never ceases to both amaze and amuse me with his thoughtful acts and monkey antics. I'm not sure what kind of monkey he is, I saw him attempt to swing from a rope and he dropped like a dead weight into the water below. He tried twice, while his monkey buddies laughed at him on the sidelines. I believe he loves me because of my good preening capabilities, but if I find mites in his hair, I'm not eating them.


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